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Abstract Triangles
by Ruth, 8th grade
Cambridge, MA
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Be Unique
by Katie, 3rd grade
West Roxbury, MA
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Medium destiny
by Destiny, Kindergarten
Brighton, MA
supports the featured campaign
by Amy, 6th grade
Dorchester, MA
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Home abigail
"I just like doing art,
that's all."
-Abigail, kindergarten
Home angelo
Angelo raised $245
"Angelo loved the experience of making the shirt and then seeing it come alive!" -Angelo's mom
Home destiny
Destiny raised $308
"It makes me feel good to see other people wear my art!" -Destiny, kindergarten
Home john
John raised $268
"He has a green mouth and eyes because he is a good robot."
-John, 4th grade
Home ana
Ana raised $183
"If I could meet anyone, I would meet Santa Claus, 'cause he's awesome."- Ana, 7th grade
Home bryan
Bryan raised $203
"My favorite place in the world
is here."
-Bryan, 3rd grade

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